I’m really excited to announce that I’ve won Dust & Dance a place on the Entrepreneurial Sparkbusiness accelerator scheme. I’m going to be a ‘chicklet’ in the Bristol ‘Hatchery’ (yeh I know – it sounds a bit odd!) In short this means I’ll have a swanky new HQ and access to mentors and enablers who will help me with all the sh*t I don’t know how to do!

I was recommended to the scheme (by the lovely Alison at Enterprise Nation) shortly after coming up with the idea for Dust & Dance and was interviewed the day before we launched. I’ll be honest I got a bit nervous talking to one of the other candidates before who was pitching a ‘3D printed spherical dementia hardware something or other’, and wearing a suit…whereas I was in my sparkly jumper, glitter all over my face armed with the full Dust & Dance range to bribe any females on the panel….well it worked!

The scheme is fully funded by Natwest and I’m really excited about the potential for learning and growth for Dust & Dance spreading sparkle all over everywhere and everyone.

As of February this will be Dust & Dance HQ:

the hatchery

Until then I’ll continue blogging from my bed…

Excited for things to come!

love Claire x