Pre-2015 we had Vajazzles and glitter nails were old news. But 2015 has seen glitter sharply rise up the quirky fashion agenda, taking Insatgram by storm and adorning more and more creative and risqué body parts.

We take a look at the five biggest #glittertrends of 2015 and make some predictions for 2016 because the glitter ain’t over yet!


Ok so this is one trend that is better to observe and admire than to adopt (so thank you Gabbyfor modelling this look!). Despite looking the most super glamourous of all the glitter trends it’s highly unpractical due to all of the enjoyable activities one carries out with their lips. Eating, drinking, kissing (you know the rest) and as much as we do love glitter at Dust & Dance we don’t recommend ingesting it, which would be hard to avoid if you use your lips as much as I do.



This is one trend we feel has been under exercised by men with this, let’s face it, often unattractive facial addition. Moustaches are on the whole (unless the face underneath is quite exceptional) not very pleasing to the eye – so why on earth more men haven’t jumped at the chance to #glittertrend up their tash is a mystery! We counted just 14 of these tashtastic trailblazers on Instagram (and one was our Tommy!) – so we’re campaigning to see many many man make his moustache more marvellous in 2016 please! #glittertash



Hurrah to hipsters letting their metaphorical facial hair guard (think ‘don’t touch the beard’ whilst balancing his craft beer on the handlebars of his fixie) down to embrace the glitterbeard! Beards have moved swiftly from old tramp/Santa Claus territory into hip, fit & cool of late and with the addition of glitter they’ve just got even cooler in 2015. This year owes special thanks to @thegaybeards for launching this trend with a double dose of hipster – and check out their festive glitterbeard campaign #the12beardsofchristmas. Simply wow.

Are you a hipster (these days =man with beard) wanting to try out the #glitterbeard? Watch the Gay Beards Youtube tutorial to find out how (it’s actually as easy as it looks…)

gay beards


Autumn 2015 has taught us how to take one of the most annoying and unsightly hair looks and flip reverse it to quite simply one of the most creative uses of glitter to right a wrong we’ve ever seen! We salute the double bun wearing glitter root brigade for being so bold and creative with this trend, and so dedicated. Some critics have been moaning that it’s hard to get out but come on haters – who wouldn’t want sparkly dandruff?!



The most recent edition to 2015’s glitter trends is moving into un-chartered, below the neck territory. Only just though – just far South enough to bejewel your armpits – lovely! We think it’s a welcome addition to an un-loved part of the body – why shouldn’t the pits be pretty? This might be more suited to the European festivals at present (due to the need for growing your armpit hairs to accommodate the glitter) but we’re hoping this trend will be common place at the festivals of middle-England for the 2016 season.


What will the next glitter trend be?

So where will the glitter take us next…with our growing army of Dust & Dancers (you know who you are sparkle fairies) spreading the sparkle, the glitter is here to stay for 2016 and we predict two new trends:

 #glitterbrows (ok this must have been done already?!) annnnd, wait for it….

#glitterlobes (as in ear lobes, dipped right in the good stuff)…

…and did someone say #glitoris?


Keep showing us your #gittertrends – don’t forget to tag us @dustanddance we want to see where you put it (no matter where…)!! xx